How It Works

Do you dread giving your dog a bath? If so, head on over to Sandy Paws Dog Wash in Huntington Beach, CA today. We make it easy to give your dog a bath and keep him clean and shiny. Our top-quality self-service dog salon is compatible with both large and small dogs and makes keeping your dog clean quick, easy, and efficient.

We are conveniently located within close proximity to the beach, right beside a local car wash. This allows you to wash both your car and your pet, at just one location. We have everything you need to properly wash your dog, including shampoo, flea shampoo, conditioner, and water. We even offer a hair dryer, so you can thoroughly dry your dog’s hair before letting him back into your car.

Your dog’s safety is our top priority. Not only is the entire bathing area completely fenced in, but there is a hook in the tub area to attach your dog’s leash. This will ensure that your pet does not escape during the bathing process. The washing tub is also elevated to eliminate the need to bend down while washing your dog. Nothing could be easier.

Best of all, we offer very affordable rates. You will receive 10 minutes in the tub for only $10.00. This should provide enough time to wash and dry your dog properly. You can add additional money, if more time is necessary. We accept cash bills, coins, tokens, and credit cards for payments.

Washing your dog does not have to be a hassle, when you come to Sandy Paws Dog Wash. Visit our Huntington Beach, CA location today, and find out for yourself everything we have to offer, or email us at for more information.